Welcome to VFMC
We are part of the village of Verona, ON and have been part of this community for more than 100 years.  

You can explore and grow in your faith with us.  Whether you are just starting to ask questions about God or have been on a spiritual journey for a while, you can find a home here.

Office Hours
Sunday Morning Service
10:00 am
Dress Casual!  Come as you are!
Everyone is Welcome!
There's a Place for You at 
Verona FMC!

Regular Business Hours:
Wed. & Thurs. | 10am-1pm


Join a home group
Monday to Thursday
9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Please note that the church building is closed as per Covid 19 government guidelines. Sunday Services are online - see Podcast 2020 tab.

Update: Tuesday, May 26, 2020
Announcements are now shared on our bulletin tab:
This week...
     Tuesday Zoom Prayer Meeting
         Wednesday Food Drive and Offering Drop-off - list of items needed
             Bible Study, Thursdays in May          
                 Sunday Video Services 
Please check it out for details. 
Pastor K  

Update 26 March, 2020
Hello again everyone,
We want to thank you for praying for our church board that met last night by Zoom.
There was lots to discuss and very tough decisions to make. But apparently, the government helped make those decisions definitive for us.

- Offerings - Marnie wants us to know that if you put your offering in an external mail box, it goes to Ottawa to be sorted and may take a week or longer to get to the church. If you hand your mail directly to the postal clerk inside, it will go directly into our Verona post box with no delay. (And yes, you still need a stamp to do that.)
- Offerings can now be given by E-transfer. For details contact Marnie directly.
- Staff - As we said last week, our Admin Assistant Marcia was laid off as we decided to close the offices beginning this week. With Trudeau's declaration that ALL NON-essential services are to close their doors, we were already in compliance with that. Please pray for Marcia. She's a go-er and a do-er and is an incredible help to our office. Pray she'll have peace and rest and get her EI package soon.
- Pastor Dave - With services halted, building closure and youth up in the air, we felt we also needed to lay off Pastor Dave so he could also get the full EI package. He will graciously keep certain connections on a volunteer basis. Please pray with us that this uncertain time will be over quickly and we can bring these crucial servants back to work. They are such a blessing to us all.
- Caretakers - Also with the building closed to events, we felt the need to temporarily lay off our cleaning services. Anyone who has need to doing anything in the building, please use the clorox wipes provided at the greeters' table to wipe down railings, surfaces that you have touched or where you have worked, and thoroughly clean any mess you may make. We love Norm and Carolee and their work for us is stellar. Pray that we can bring them back as soon as possible. And pray that the government's EI equivalent for self-contracted individuals will be passed in parliament. 
- Pastor Kathy - This is a time for creativity. FMC in Canada is in constant communication with all our pastors to help and encourage churches at this time. Technological advances are making it possible to keep connected. I am going to continue to pastor our church in creative ways. You have already seen the updates, Devotion Corner, and the Sunday videos will continue. Those who do not have computers to receive these updates are phoned with the information. Our Tuesday morning prayer meeting was held by Zoom conference call, as was our board meeting, and maybe even our home Bible Study groups can try this too. We need to stay connected in every way we can. I will carry on some of Marcia's admin duties as well as some of Pastor Dave's duties. The board and I will be calling all of you from time to time to check in with you for needs, concerns, and prayer requests.

These were very difficult decisions we made. Thank you for your prayers. Let's all lift each other up to the Lord daily in our prayers.
Pastor Kathy and Ron Bruyns, Board chair.

p.s. If you hear of someone not receiving the email updates, please tell them to check their spam folder as spam sometimes identifies emails that are blind copied (bcc).

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