Week of May 24 to 30

Bible Study in May
    For the four Thursdays of May (7, 14, 21, 28) at 7 p.m., Pastor Kathy will host a Bible Study in the book of Colossians. You can join her by computer Zoom or by telephone for 1 hour of discussion. Please let her know if you would like to join in.

​Sunday Services
      We will have a video service together. Look for your email on Sunday morning with the link to the service. Feel free to share the link with friends. Past video services are in the 2020 Podcast tab of our website.
    Please note: If you are receiving the services by email but are missing it, please check your spam folder as some computers have a mind of their own!! (Scary thought!)

Tuesday 11 a.m. Prayer Meeting
    If you are interested in joining, let the pastor know and you will be sent a personal invite ID to join our Zoom prayer meeting by telephone.

Wednesday 10-11 a.m. Food Drive and Offering Drop-off
    At 10 a.m. the side doors under the covered entrance will be open. A bin will be available to drop off your Food Pantry donations. The following food items are requested: Ketchup, mustard, mayo, drink boxes, and cheese and crackers packages, soup crackers, pancake mix, canned potatoes, canned fruit, cereal, individual puddings and applesauce, Kraft dinner, pork'n beans, canned veggies, hearty soups, pasta sauce, canned meats, canned stews, pasta in cans, Side Kick packages, Peanut Butter and dish detergent.
​   Also, if you would like to drop off your offering envelope, someone is there to securely take your tithes and offering. Thank you so much!!
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